Identity, Culture and Class Representations

  • Why this blog?

    Having a name that promises a very comprehensive content, this blog is in fact thought to be a collection of resources on the Fashion in Turkey (especially to "haute couture", which is a concept that appeals according to Simmel first to elites and after a while to the rest of the society). It is a basis to a project that I've always wanted to realize since the first years of my sociology education, even though I am not so interested in fashion (I have always adopted the slogan of "fashionable sensitive but too cool to care"); it aims to import the concept of "sociology of fashion", that is not easily accepted even in France to Turkey. And in the meantime, perhaps it could become an easy access to resources who are interested in Turkish fashion. I hope to make a good analysis someday... If you would like to contact me: and for the more comprehensive Turkish version:
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